MGI’s biosafety level 2 facility allows experienced staff to manage a variety of accepted specimens. The extracts are completed with either the Promega Maxwell or the Qiagen Qiacube. Both allow for a quick automated handling of specimens, producing the best quality results.

Available nucleic acid isolation

  • DNA isolation
  • RNA isolation
  • DNA/RNA dual isolation
  • DNA/RNA/miRNA isolation
  • Others – please inquire

Accepted specimens

  • Whole blood
  • Cell cultures
  • Buccal swabs
  • Fresh-frozen tissue: cell pellets, sections, biopsies, cores
  • Frozen prepared embedded fresh tissue: curls, punches, slides
  • FFPE: blocks with H&E slide, curls/sections/ribbons/slices, punches/cores, slides
  • Fecal material
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