The Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis (BGA) group has extensive experience designing and implementing large scale software solutions and web applications for managing genomic data and interpreting genomic data for clinical applications. BGA is always looking to adapt, grow and leverage new technologies and collaborations.


MGI and the BGA group have a long track record of developing and applying computational tools to the study of human disease. Successful past projects include collaborations with researchers both internal (spanning many departments at Washington University) and external (working with both individual researchers and large consortia).


MGI’s BGA group is focused on the analysis of omics data, interpretation of results and sharing of our analytic methods with the community. In collaboration with MGI’s domain expert members, the BGA group employs best-of-class methods to analyze omics data and interpret the data appropriately on a project-by-project basis.


The BGA group consists of a dynamic cross-section of biologists, data scientists and software engineers that make up the building blocks to provide the following analysis services: Reports, interpretation, consultations, visualizations, user interfaces, automated analysis pipelines, software and methods development.

Three levels of service

  • Pipeline: Process and transfer the output of automated pipelines including standard files and metrics.
  • Post-Processing: Manual post-processing of automated pipeline outputs.
  • Interpretation: Interpretation of the results in context of the project or experiment.


We aim to leverage the community and define and adapt best practices established by the genomics community through groups such as the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).


BGA is always looking forward to adapt, grow and leverage new technologies and collaborations.

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