Chris Maher, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Christopher Maher is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Medical Oncology section of Washington University’s Department of Medicine. He is also an Assistant Director at the McDonnell Genome Institute. His interests include computational biology and bioinformatics as they apply to cancer genomics. He is working to integrate the analysis of high-throughput genomic technologies into the development of novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies in cancer.

Dr. Maher’s main research focus is on the development of novel computational tools and approaches to help analyze and interpret data from high-throughput genomic technologies. He led the development of the ChimeraScan tool that can detect gene fusions within next-generation transcriptome sequencing data. By applying this tool to prostate cancer transcriptome data, Dr. Maher and his colleagues discovered a clinically relevant class of gene fusions that respond to currently available FDA approved drugs.

Dr. Maher has also been on the forefront of understanding the emerging roles of long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in multiple solid tumors. Building upon these successes, his lab focuses on the discovery and characterization of novel lncRNAs, elucidating lncRNA functionality, and assessing their clinical applicability. This is accomplished through an integrated team of experimental and computational biologists that combine large-scale genomic analyses with molecular biology, cellular biology, and biochemistry.

Dr. Maher completed his B.S. degree at Cornell University and his M.S./Ph.D. degrees at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Stony Brook University in New York. Most recently he was a Research Investigator at the University of Michigan.

Further information about Dr. Maher can be found through the Washington University Divisions of Hematology & Oncology.

Dr. Maher’s publications

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