October 2020

The McDonnell Genome Institute(MGI) recognizes the significance of scientific education in our community.  As part of an ongoing program, MGI made a pivotal switch to provide support during the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Tracey Hermanstyne, Instructor in Developmental Biology and Jim Skeath, Professor of Genetics

In collaboration with the St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, (http://www.stjamesstl.org/) located in The Ville area of St. Louis, our initial summer program changed to a different type of assistance. We worked with The Vile Community Development Foundation to support a new food bank run out of St. James Church. with six food shipments from April to July.  

To continue our education program, MGI ran a virtual summer program for seven high school students from Jennings Senior High School (http://jenningssrhigh.mo.jsh.schoolinsites.com/) and Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS  https://www.micds.org/). They participated in a literature-based review on viruses, how viruses infect humans, viral evolution, and vaccine development. A regular discussion between teachers and students occurred over 6 weeks starting early July and ending the middle of August. The students were taught by Ph.D., MD-PhD, and MD students providing a great perspective as a student themselves.  

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