Learn about some of the exciting news and events going on around the McDonnell Genome Institute.

WUSTL-led Team Compiles Human Structural Variant Resource

“A team led by Washington University in St. Louis researchers has profiled rare and ultra-rare structural variants in nearly 18,000 high-coverage whole-genome sequences in an effort to fill in remaining gaps in the understanding of the larger variants that impact protein-coding and non-coding portions of the genome.”

$5 million supports research into neglected tropical diseases

“Led by Makedonka Mitreva, PhD, a professor of medicine and of genetics, both projects involve large-scale genome sequencing of the parasites to develop genetic tools to help monitor the infections’ spread and track resistance these parasites already have developed against drugs intended to eradicate them. “ https://medicine.wustl.edu/news/5-million-supports-research-into-neglected-tropical-diseases/

School of Medicine physicians, researchers tackle coronavirus

Clinical teams ready; research for vaccines, drugs underway “geneticist Ting Wang, PhD, the Sanford and Karen Loewentheil Distinguished Professor of Medicine, and members of his lab built a genome browser to help researchers study the genetics of the COVID-19 virus and compare different strains.”

Personal toll

Mother’s death sets twin scientists on journey to find precision cancer therapies

Immune responses to tuberculosis mapped across 3 species

A detailed genetic road map will guide research into TB treatments, vaccines. This work and article features co-senior author Makedonka Mitreva, PhD, a professor of medicine and of genetics at Washington University and a researcher at the university’s McDonnell Genome Institute.
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