Elizabeth H. and James S. McDonnell III Genome Institute 

World leader in the fast-paced, constantly changing field of genomics

Our Mission

To unveil the secrets of the genome,

the blueprint of life,

to improve the lives of people everywhere

Genome Technology
Access Center

GTAC@MGI provides cutting-edge, cost-effective sequencing, and analysis technologies to collaborators. We are committed to generating the highest quality data and providing excellent value-added services and resources.

Genome Editing and
iPSC Center

GEiC@MGI facilitates collaborators and customers with functional genomic studies through the use of patient-derived iPSCs and the generation of modified cells and organisms using genome editing technologies.

Innovative Research

Since its inception in 1993, the McDonnell Genome Institute has played a vital role in the field of genome sequencing, receiving over $1.3 billion in research funding. Today, MGI has taken the COVID-19 Pandemic head on by developing a saliva based test to help detect who has contracted the illness 

Strong Leadership

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