Obi Griffith, Ph.D.,  McDonnell Genome Institute

Dr. Obi Griffith is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Assistant Director at the McDonnell Genome Institute. Dr. Griffith's research is focused on the development of personalized medicine strategies for cancer using genomic technologies with a particular focus on gene regulatory changes associated with breast cancer. He develops and uses bioinformatics and statistical methods for the analysis of high throughput sequence data and identification of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic and drug response prediction.

Dr. Griffith has developed and instructs a workshop on RNA sequence analysis for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and is a regular instructor for the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops series. He was recently awarded an NCI K22 Transition Career Development Award. In the past, he has received numerous other awards from Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, University of Winnipeg, University of British Columbia, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and British Columbia Cancer Agency. He was a Junior and Senior Trainee of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and received both doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship awards from CIHR. He was profiled in Maclean’s magazine as one of Canada’s 25 ‘Best and Brightest’ for his contribution to the sequencing of the SARS genome. He has also been profiled as an 'up and coming investigator' by Genome Technology Magazine and as an emerging talent in Wired Magazine's Annual 'Smart List'.

Before coming to Washington University, Dr. Griffith completed bioinformatics post-doctoral fellowships at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California and at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received his Ph.D. (Medical Genetics, 2008) from the University of British Columbia and B.S. (Biochemistry and Biology with Honors, 2002) from the University of Winnipeg.

Selected Publications

List of publications (PubMed)

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